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  • Dr Nicholas Jensen ND



What does it mean to “Get Healthy?  

This is an important question and if you asked 10 different people you would get 10 different answers.  As Naturopathic doctors and personal growth enthusiasts, this meaning is very broad and we truly feel it permeates all we do.  To us it means get healthy with your nutrition plan, get healthy with exercise, get healthy with relationships and leisure time, get healthy with finances, get healthy with your mindset, creativity and spiritual state and so on.  It’s also a reality for us that we have to live it in order to lead it.  I am in no position to give advice or communicate on a philosophy unless it’s something I practice.  As Yoda says, “do or do not, there is no try”.  I repeat this mantra often to my kids hoping it sinks in.

A common theme I hear in our practice is this: “I’m healthy because I eat a good diet”.  Then, the patient goes on to list all the things that are going wrong and then when we circle back to the diet discussion. I then realize that eating a good diet to this individual means only having McDonalds once a week instead of daily.  

With that said, being and getting healthy means something different to each individual so essentially we have to meet people where they are at. As a dear mentor of mine often says “we are living in a one room schoolhouse of all different ages and education levels”. So how do we send a message to the masses to excite people to a new way of living. It has to come back to our purpose and service as Naturopathic Doctors. I believe that this is our purpose:

In order to make a difference in the world I must move you emotionally so you can make a decision to make a difference in your own life.  It starts with myself then our kids, then all those who will listen!  

4 steps to getting healthy:

  • Discover what doesn’t work = make a list 
  • Decision time = are you interested in health or committed?
  • Absence of Dis-ease = physical change and shift of mindset 
  • Living from purpose = feed your soul and repeat indefinitely

Step 1: The problem we face is that most people don’t always know what they want or even what’s possible with their health.  We are much more efficient at knowing what we don’t like and what’s not working.  And since we don’t always know what we want nor what’s possible we as doctors hold a vision of what’s possible for each person and it’s our job to connect the dots so they can walk the narrow path.  We’ve walked this path ourselves and we’ve led many down this path.  We know they will slip, slide and veer off track but if committed to checking the boxes of what’s not working eventually there’s an opportunity to see the things that are working.  So, make your list today!!

Step 2: Choosing an interest in health vs a commitment to health is the difference between one’s failure and success.  For example, you can be interested in reading meaning you’ve got a book on your dresser you pick up sometimes before bed.  Alternatively, you can read 1 book/week because you have become committed to reading.  Commitment is tied to purposeful action and is not dependent on the result of finishing a book-fleeting interest.  In the case of commitment, reading is tied to a desire for expanding your knowledge or skill set/articulation/spiritual growth etc.

Commitment settles the monkey mind and sets your sites not on the result but the journey.  The pay-off is huge.  Having an interest in health puts your focus on results, which easily takes the wind out of your sails at the first sign of setback (re-engaging the monkey mind).  A great example in health is weight loss.  If someone has an interest in weight loss they focus on how much they will lose and often experience the “yo-yo” effect.  When committed to a health plan, weight loss is a by-product of taking purposeful action.  The emotional connection resides in the feeling of inspired and purposeful action and not on the feeling of loss.

Step 3: On this path, there’s an opportunity to see that something else is possible.  Before you know it, those things that weren’t working were easily forgotten and those things you didn’t like are no longer top of mind.  In this case, Getting Healthy starts as knowing what doesn’t work and through your commitment you begin to experience the absence of Dis-ease.  The absence of Dis-ease finally allows you to realize what it is that you want for yourself, your health and your future.  You are able to reframe what has happened in the past so that mistakes aren’t repeated and new lessons can be learned. 

Dis-ease doesn’t have to just be free of an illness, but in many cases, that’s exactly what it is.  I see the absence of Dis-ease meaning you no longer identify yourself as a victim to your circumstance.  It’s a realization that you are in fact in the driver seat and are not blaming others for your situation or past experiences.   Whatever signs and symptoms were there, they served a purpose to wake you up, free your vital energy and tune you into your purpose-step 4. 

Step 4:  Being a Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant or Pizza Delivery man/woman doesn’t automatically deliver a purpose.  A purpose flows through you but isn’t always obvious despite the title of your occupation.  

This TED talk does exactly as the title says.  I love experiencing change and I love practical tools, and this talk delivers both.  Get your pen and paper out and prepare to find your purpose!!  

TED talk: How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes

The question can then transform from “what does it mean to get healthy” to “why get healthy”.  It’s time to take purposeful action in all we do!  Remind yourself daily of your purpose so that it becomes your code that unlocks your highest calling and you too will serve the world with your mastery….

My purpose: I teach health mastery, I lead people to true health from dis-ease, from pain to purpose.  In order to make a difference in the world, I must move you emotionally so you can make a decision to make a difference in your own life.

Feel free to share your purpose and share this post with all those needing a shift in mindset and a step by step guide to getting healthy!


  • Dr Nicholas Jensen ND